LIFE GETS CRAZY, but fat loss is easy


What is Zerona Z6?…

Zerona is a non-invasive fat loss laser. The multi-site clinical trial conducted by Erchonia to validate the Zerona process focused on the waist, hips and thighs. The Zerona low-level laser is FDA approved for use on these target areas, plus now arms, chest, knees, ankles and back or bra fat. The Zerona Z6 treatment protocol has the client lie on a comfortable table for 20 minutes on each side while the six lasers are applied to the target areas simultaneously.

  • 3.72 inches in 2 weeks*

  • Unattended Procedure

  • No Surgery | No Downtime | No Side Effects | No Risk


Why Choose Zerona Z6?

First & Only Non-invasive Laser FDA cleared for Over-The-Counter Use.

FDA Market Cleared for Overall Body Circumference Reduction

Produces Highest Result Rate Out of Any Other Fat Loss Laser on the Market.

Watch Zerona in Action!

As with all great technology, there are advancements and the Zerona Z6 is just that. Through customer feedback and our endless quest to provide the best non-invasive procedure possible, we have now upgraded the Zerona technology to maximize coverage and offer a better overall treatment.

Before and After Photos . . .

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